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Sugar Bowl at Tahoe

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It's safe to say that being the shortest drive from the Bay Area doesn't hurt Sugar Bowl in our rankings, however the mountain does a pretty good job on it's own. Sugar Bowl is situated so that it gets a lot out of the passing storms, but this makes it vulnerable to gnarly winds -- so keep your eyes pealed.

The best part about Sugar Bowl is the chutes between the big rocks all over the different mountains, especially Lincoln. There are two decent lodges, and parking never seems to be a big deal. A secret -- the upstrairs of the 'old' lodge is a great place to have lunch, sit by the fire and enjoy an Irish Coffee. Be ready to head off the beaten track and find the left over powder too -- there is a lot of terrain that is usually left untracked if you are willing to find it. The size of the resort makes it hard for it to ever compete with a giant like Big Sky or Keystone, but Sugar Bowl is great if you just want to get out there, do some exploring and come home feeling refreshed.