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Northstar at Tahoe

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The best way to describe Northstar resort is something like what you would expect from the infamous "Out Cold" resort "Snow Nook". Now don't get me wrong, if you scout around the backside or take the rope tow up over Lookout Mountain you can find some backcountry feeling powder and runs through the trees. But the rest of the mountain is more or less cruisers and groomers without a whole lot of verical.

The village however, is very cool and world class with lots of cool resteraunts, pubs and cozy firepits to get your drink on. Honestly, for the heafty $88 adult day lift ticket this place just isn't the best fit for me. However, if I had a family, or wanted to strap my skii's on for the day and cruise -- this might be the perfect place. One last note, the upper lodge has some pretty good and reasonable food. I had a giant turkey leg, with potatoes and a beer for around $20 which isn't bad for getting full on something tasty at a ski resort.